Flooring Services

Wood Flooring Installation
A quality hardwood floor installation will last for decades on end with minimal maintenance required. A wood floor can stand up to just about anything life can throw at it from high traffic to spills and more.
Tile Flooring Installation
Floor Tile has been the flooring installation option of choice for many home improvement and commercial projects. Tile flooring is long-lasting and offers the perfect combination of style and durability.
Carpet Installation
Have peace of mind knowing you’re selecting from the best carpet while browsing thousands of different carpet styles and colors, available with professional installation services. We’ll come to your home to evaluate your site, verify measurements and determine any special installation requirements.
Linoleum Flooring Installation
We professionally install linoleum floors in both residential and commercial locations. Since linoleum is made of a natural material mixture, which provides for limitless design aspirations. This feature allows for a mixing of various colors, styles and design patterns.
Commercial Carpet Installation
From large condominium developments to the head offices of major corporations and restaurants, whatever your next project calls for, we have you flooring needs covered! Our Installation team will impress you with their skill, professionalism and service quality.
Refinishing Wood Floor Sanding and Staining
Giving your old floor a facelift may be all you need. Refinishing can bring your old floor back to life. Our team of experts know how to sand and refinish hardwood floors using state of the art “dustless” tools and equipment.