Fence and Fencing Services

Pine Wood Fence Installation
Pine fence is the most popular residential fence choice in outdoor structures such as: decks, porches, and all types of residential fences. Pine wood fencing is very cost effective for private home or commercial privacy fences.
Cedar Wood Fence Installation
Cedar is one of the most durable types of wood having a lifespan of more than 30 years, even when left untreated. The wood is naturally resistant to decay and insects. Cedar is also prized for its attractive appearance.
Pre-Made Panel Fence Installation
There are a variety of pre-fabricated panel styles and finishes available to choose from, including pressure treated, cedar, natural or pre-stained. Regardless of the style, Action Home Solutions will make your panel fence blend into and enhance your surroundings.
Hand Built Fence Installation
A craft workshop dedicated to producing high quality and hand built fencing. Using many years of expertise and superb construction skills all our fences are built to the highest specifications, if you require something a little different we can build special orders too.
Fence Post Removal
Over time, certain fence posts may rot or otherwise fail. Sometimes, a tree comes down in a severe storm, taking a portion of a fence with it. In other instances, a fence must be relocated. In such situations, it is necessary to remove fence posts sunk in concrete.
Fence Repair
If you need to replace the fence posts but want to reuse your existing fence panels, we offer fence repair service. We remove the old fence posts and set new posts in the same location and the reattach the old fence panel.